4H Dog Show 2023

Good Morning, CCofCTX Family! We had a very eventful weekend at the TX State 4-H Dog Show, where Julia, Alley, and Bonsai were able to present their hard work to some pretty tough judges and came home with memories and moments. While those blue ribbons are always nice, as a mama, I try to focus …

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4H Dog Show 2021

While my entire family is on board and works very hard every day taking care of our farm animals and Corgis, these two here go above and beyond. They were rewarded this past weekend with some pretty impressive placings at our State 4-H Dog Show in Huntsville. They work hard, year ’round. They get up …

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Adoption Process

Hello, All! I know some of you are shaking your heads, quite possibly angry with me, in awe, whatever the case might be about my adoption process. The truth is, with each litter, I learn something new and try to incorporate it into how I do things. There is NO PERFECT WAY for those looking …

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