A Corgi’s Unconditional Love

I have owned many different breeds of dogs, Folks, but the Corgis have captured my core like no other breed. They’re so versatile- ready to work on a farm (big or small), be your chosen ESA if the fit is right for you both, guardians, protectors, gentle, yet spicy little packages on 4 short legs. I wouldn’t want to go one day without a Corgi. This Corgi is wearing a special hat today as we have two baby dairy goats who aren’t very strong right now. I have milked their mama and have attempted to bottle feed them, resulting in tube feeding them with great success, so now, we wait to see if they will thrive. This particular Corgi has stepped up to the plate to love on them and clean up any spilled milk during feeding. My heart is full, even though my nerves are on edge about them surviving (or not). Prayers appreciated for our brand new goat babies. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.

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