4H Dog Show 2023

Good Morning, CCofCTX Family! We had a very eventful weekend at the TX State 4-H Dog Show, where Julia, Alley, and Bonsai were able to present their hard work to some pretty tough judges and came home with memories and moments. While those blue ribbons are always nice, as a mama, I try to focus on the MOMENTS where my kiddos learn valuable lessons that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. When raising these Corgis, we recognize that ours will never compete/earn titles at the Westminster Dog Show. I’ve always said that our main focus is raising puppies based on what’s between their parents’ ears (their intelligence and willingness to work) rather than just eye candy. While Alley is not from our breeding program (She’s a 3W baby), what Julia has done with her IS from our program and we are super proud of this dynamic duo and their hard work. The judges noticed that hard work and they were awarded second place in Rally I Senior!!! Competition was tough in the herding group (where they competed against German Shepherds, Heelers, Australian Shepherds, to name a few) and Julia and Alley came home with 6th out of 18 competitors in Conformation. We’ll take that placing with smiles all around. Alley and Bonsai also earned their AKC Canine Good Citizen certifications! We love what we do, we AIM to be THE BEST at what we do, and we will continue to show up and show out whenever the opportunity arises.

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