Please don’t get taken by a scammer

Good Morning, Corgi Connection of Central Texas Followers! I hope everyone is safe from the hurricane and the virus. I was appalled when I checked this page a few moments ago and found out that a “person” Jonah Stoner had left comments below some of your comments. Please know that he or she is a scammer. I left a nice comment for him or her, which I’ll post below. Even if you don’t choose me to be the breeder of your dream Corgi puppy, I will gladly help you identify a legitimate breeder compared to a scammer. Please don’t get taken by a scammer. I really hate that there are con artists out there. Seriously, I’ll help you! Just reach out to me when you start your search. There are plenty of amazing and legitimate breeders out there to get your puppy from. Be blessed- Kim

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A Corgi’s Unconditional Love

I have owned many different breeds of dogs, Folks, but the Corgis have captured my core like no other breed. They’re so versatile- ready to

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