I ended up keeping her- Meet Rae’s Ellie Mae!

Hello, Corgi Connection of Central Texas Friends. I am sorry that I don’t have good news concerning the litter that was born this past week. After a fast and furious super scary labor, which ended up in a c-section, two puppies were born and unfortunately one puppy did not survive. The surviving puppy is a tri colored female and I am monitoring her very closely to make sure she meets all of the milestones that she should as she grows. She is absolutely beautiful. I honestly might end up keeping her because we are all very attached to her at this point. We are hopeful for more puppies to be uneventfully born in late August/early September. I have said it a hundred times that I wish we could have everyone’s dream Corgi puppies, in desired genders and colors, at the perfect time, but that is all up to God to honor our requests. So, we keep pressing on, striving for excellence with each litter. We learn so much every time a litter is born. So, I thank you for your patience and understanding. Please keep an eye on this FB page around the middle-late August and I hope to announce puppies at that time. Stay safe, Friends. Enjoy the little things in life. Kim

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The pound babies need love too

The kids volunteered this morning at Copperas Cove Animal Control Facility, bathing dogs, trimming cats’ and dogs’ nails, walking dogs, playing with cats, and interacting

My Favorite Soldier- My Son

Good Morning, Corgi Connection Followers!!! We are LOVING the cooler temps here! Things are always crazy busy, but something huge has been added to our

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