No more “fading” babies

Hello, Corgi Connection of Central Texas Followers! I’m gonna be really real in this post. I’m not liking this season in my life. Who is with me? Sure, I do things with excellence being my main goal daily, but I’m struggling with the way things are in our once amazing society. I am very much a creature of habit. I don’t like change, unless it’s clearly in a positive and rewarding direction, but dang! These times are taking a toll on me! I have done a lot more reflecting (looking inward) the past few months and am really glad for my family, true friends, and animals. I’m glad for my family’s employment, I’m glad for good food, I’m glad for good health, for deeper relationships with my kids- even though we were already home schooling- things are just….different, but they are good! We have some exciting things coming up for Corgi Connection and I’ll reveal those things soon, once we are close to meeting our goal. Long story short, we are renovating a building on our property specifically for those long nights when I am up, beside my mamas’ sides, encouraging them as they deliver puppies. We will be adding a NICU type of setup as well, with an incubator and equipment to give any “fading” babies the best possible chance at life. This is very exciting to me! I once relied on a certain Vet’s expertise who told me, “It’s not uncommon to lose 30% of a litter,” when I was desperate to save the puppy I brought in to her for assistance. She was legit okay with letting the puppy just slip away. I decided right then that I HAVE TO DO BETTER, even if I have to do it MYSELF. We have a handful of females who have been bred, which is a new thing for us. Usually, we only breed 2 females at a time, but felt we are equipped to breed a couple more and still maintain our standard of care for the moms and puppies. I AM BUSY!!! I will try to catch up on messages over the next few days. If you’d like to consider adopting one of the puppies that should be born in late August- mid September, PLEASE do not wait to request adoption information and send back the answers to the questions asked (get pre-screened) until the very last minute. The expected puppies will get reserved very quickly. PLEASE don’t wait! Much Corgi love from all of us! Ya’ll hang in there! Kim

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A Corgi’s Unconditional Love

I have owned many different breeds of dogs, Folks, but the Corgis have captured my core like no other breed. They’re so versatile- ready to

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