Adoption Process

Hello, All! I know some of you are shaking your heads, quite possibly angry with me, in awe, whatever the case might be about my adoption process. The truth is, with each litter, I learn something new and try to incorporate it into how I do things. There is NO PERFECT WAY for those looking to adopt or me when lining these puppies up for their forever homes. EVERY breeder will admit, if they are truthful, that we wish we could have every color or gender at JUST the PERFECT time for those seeking to adopt one of our babies, but it doesn’t work out that way. I have to do the best that I can, all things considered, to include putting my family first, then my animals. I strive for excellence while caring for them every single hour of every single day. Do I fall short? Absolutely. Something has to give. I cannot devote my time to sitting in front of a screen hours upon hours while living things in my care need to be tended to. So, we all give up something to gain something. I give up my time, sweat, sleep, and tears to be sure things are done right and that is day in and day out. Zero breaks. So, I appreciate those who have patience with me. I appreciate those who appreciate their puppies when they pick them up and those puppies clearly indicate that they have been raised right. I appreciate the reviews that people have left and updates that people send. I DO NOT DO THIS FOR THE MONEY!!! Every dollar that I “make” gets put right back into my animals’ care and their well being. I have tax records to prove that. So, if you missed out on a puppy this time around, I am so very sorry. From my core, I am sorry. I wish everyone could be happy, but that is impossible. If you choose to go with a different breeder, I totally understand. There are good ones out there. There are also scam artists who are very evil and if you need guidance before you take the leap at securing your Corgi companion, I am here to help you call them out on their wicked ways. Message me. I will help as I am able to. Thank you for your patience. I am hoping that more puppies will be born in early June. Again, I wish I had enough to go around for everyone to have their dream Corgis like I had mine many years ago. Peace to you! Kim

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4H Dog Show 2023

Good Morning, CCofCTX Family! We had a very eventful weekend at the TX State 4-H Dog Show, where Julia, Alley, and Bonsai were able to

PASSIONATE about what I do

EVERYONE who is interested in a Corgi puppy from me, please read this! I often see comments about why Corgi puppies are so expensive. Here

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