PASSIONATE about what I do

EVERYONE who is interested in a Corgi puppy from me, please read this! I often see comments about why Corgi puppies are so expensive. Here is my personal experience, given with absolute respect to each reader. It is NOT meant to offend a soul. It’s just providing information and insight. Dear Potential Corgi Puppy Owner (of one of my puppies): I know the price for a Corgi is up there, but if you are looking for a truly purebred AKC registered Corgi, the expenses are absolutely justified. I am about to share some insight with you and it is not meant to be in an attacking manner whatsoever, so please don’t take it that way. It is just information and a real life description of how life is as an AKC breeder who strives to do things the right way, from adult Corgis to puppies. I realize there are so many options out there. You could get a CKC registered Corgi, which should be much cheaper. You could get a mixed breed, which should be much cheaper also. However, with those options, there is no guarantee that the parents of those puppies have been treated right and also, there is no track record for those puppies to know where they came from. As an AKC breeder, I am required to run a very tight ship. ALL of my dogs MUST have their vaccinations current at all times. An AKC inspector could knock on my door at 2 AM and I must let him or her in to inspect my kennel, paperwork, and dogs, to make sure everything is in order. I no longer go on vacations because I must be here to make sure my dogs and puppies are receiving the best care. I don’t get breaks, ever. Breeding Corgis is my entire life. I don’t work outside the home. I feed my dogs top of the line food to ensure they are healthy and their immune systems are supported as best as can be. When my females go into labor, I don’t leave their sides. All of my puppies are born in my master bathroom, so I pretty much live in that bathroom until the last puppy is born and is doing well, as well as the mom, for usually 12-14 hours. If one of my females has a hard time delivering puppies, I have to rush her to the vet as soon as possible, usually with my nerves shot because I have watched and worried as she gave an honest attempt at delivering the puppies naturally first, then wait anxiously in the vet’s waiting room for news that one, two, three, maybe no puppies survived the surgery. I then have to watch that female closely as she recovers. I have to smell puppy poop throughout my house as they transition from milk from their mommy to puppy food. I have to research constantly about health, nutrition, training, etc…to know if there is something more that I can learn and implement into my breeding program. When my Corgis are in shedding season, the work only increases because I spend a lot of time grooming them and vacuuming my house and kennels. I don’t own a piece of clothing (even coming out of the dryer) that does not have Corgi glitter on it. I respond to at least 15 messages on any given day, providing information and pictures to people who are interested in adopting a puppy from me. I spend hundreds of dollars each month on flea and heart worm preventative as well as excellent dog food. I spend hours going over paperwork to make sure each dog is up to date on everything- vaccinations, heart worm testing, microchip subscriptions, etc… At the beginning of each year, I have to organize all of my receipts and present them to my CPA to file taxes on money that I have “made” during this Corgi raising journey, only to find out that when all was said and done, I “made” $2,000, max (last year’s profit). So, $2,000 was my reward for everything I did to provide people their dream Corgi puppies. Out of that $2,000, I am positive there are things that were not considered during tax preparation, so ultimately, I “made” nothing. When people make a lot of money at breeding dogs, I can promise you they are NOT doing things right by the dogs. So, people can get their dream puppies from those people, or people can pay the competitive price for a truly raised-right puppy from most AKC breeders who care about his or her standing in the Corgi community. I cannot lower my price as I have a large family to care for as well. Lowering my prices would absolutely tap into that single income. We, besides my Corgi “business” are living on a single income as I choose to stay at home with my children and provide Corgi puppies for families just like mine, the right way. If I ever truly make money doing this, then I am not on top of my game. I will at that time either buckle down for the long haul or I will do what’s right by my adult Corgis and place them in homes where they are treated as they deserve to be treated. I am hopeful that, as long as I am healthy and able, things do not ever come to that as I am PASSIONATE about what I do. All of this being said, if you wish to continue with an adoption of one of my puppies, please read the message (sent upon request) and message me back with your thorough and honest answers. Thank you so much! Kim

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4H Dog Show 2023

Good Morning, CCofCTX Family! We had a very eventful weekend at the TX State 4-H Dog Show, where Julia, Alley, and Bonsai were able to

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