Perfectionism is a lie, reality brings wisdom

Good morning, Corgi Connection Followers of the past and new! One thing I try to do as a breeder is keep things real. If you’re searching for a breeder who pretends that all is well, all the time, and has countless hours to just breed Corgis, post amazing pictures, update every other day, etc…I’m NOT that breeder. Please choose another and I totally respect that. Truth is, I’m a hot mess! I’m a mom to 6 biological children, but I also take others under my wings as needed. I wear a thousand hats every day and never get a break to do things for ME. I am passionate about my family and animals and struggle a wee bit with perfectionism, try as I may, I never quite make the mark and that bothers me more than anyone could ever imagine. So, when Puppy Pick Up Days happen and I get to place these puppies into their forever families’ arms, just know that I have given it my absolute BEST SHOT at raising them. I don’t make guarantees as life doesn’t give us guarantees and I can’t guarantee that certain things won’t happen any more than YOU can guarantee ME that your puppy will never choke on something you might have missed picking up, drink something poisonous, get bitten by a snake, get hit by a car, jump off of a bed and permanently damage the spine, get dehydrated, be fed a dog food that’s been recalled, neglected to give heartworm meds or flea preventative, the list goes on and on. So, even if you don’t choose me to be your future puppy’s breeder, let’s be kind, patient with breeders as they have lives and struggles too, and keep things real in a world where everyone seems to be demanding unrealistic guarantees. We’re in this Corgi Love together and I wish everyone the best in their Corgi endeavors! Respectfully, Kim

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4H Dog Show 2023

Good Morning, CCofCTX Family! We had a very eventful weekend at the TX State 4-H Dog Show, where Julia, Alley, and Bonsai were able to

4H Dog Show 2021

While my entire family is on board and works very hard every day taking care of our farm animals and Corgis, these two here go

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